After five and a half years in power, it is a shame that Kovacevski boasts with an average salary of 500 euros, at a time when the real cost of living is 1000 euros, said VMRO DPMNE.

Instead of bragging about the average salary, the SDSM government should say what is the most paid salary, which is actually far below those 500 euros. The average wage paid is artificially raised by a smaller number of people whose wages are enormously high, and therefore the benchmark should be the wage that is most often paid in the labor market.

At the same time, those 500 euros salary are mostly spent by inflation, the electricity that SDSM has made more expensive, oil, gasoline, bread, milk.

Those 500 euros of Kovacevski’s salary are enough only in the parallel world of government where everything is perfect, there are tenders and good earnings of politicians who entered politics as paupers and are now millionaires. And in the real world of ordinary citizens there is unemployment and growing poverty, emphasized VMRO-DPMNE.