A 24-year-old man from Bitola passed away late yesterday afternoon at the Bitola Clinical Hospital after being admitted with a very high temperature and fever. Initially, he was under the care of the Intensive Care department, and doctors from other departments were consulted. However, his condition continued to deteriorate hour by hour, and after nearly ten hours of hospitalization, he tragically passed away, as reported by Nezavisen.

Officially, Dr. Elizabeta Ivanovska, the director of Bitola Clinical Hospital, has confirmed to “Nezavisen” that the young man received medical treatment the day before, on Tuesday, and was provided with therapy before being discharged home. Regrettably, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, he experienced a recurrence of a high fever and a worsening of his condition, necessitating his return to the hospital and subsequent hospitalization. Unfortunately, the laboratory test results revealed unfavorable findings.