The Skopje court extended the house arrest order against actress Silvija Stojanovska, who is charged with a huge transport of cocaine from Columbia to the United Kingdom, using a submarine.

Stojanovska was arrested almost a month ago and ordered into house arrest, while her partner Voislav Budisavlevic is in detention. Stojanovska, the widow of acting legend Nenad Stojanovski, and recently a prominent member of the cast of a moralizing, USAID Macedonia funded TV series, allegedy did logistic for the drug deal. The quantity, estimated at between 700 kilograms and three tons – depending on the purity of the drug – was seized off the coast of north-western Spain, in a submarine that was about to offload it to a boat which would sail it to the UK.

Budisavlevic’s brother is considered to be one of the brains of the operation. Stojanovska used her credit card to book a suite in Madrid for Budisavlevic’s brother, then traveled to Madrid to collect 10.000 EUR. According to the charges, the group would meet in various cities, from Skopje and Belgrade through Madrid to Dubai, Cancun and Cartagena. The street value of the drug is estimated at 20 million EUR.