Pressed on all sides to finally begin tackling the Katica Janeva corruption scandal, Zaev’s Government responded mainly with declarations – his SDSM party adopted a resolution against corruption, and Zaev and his deputy Radmila Sekerinska issued passionate social media pledges that they will root out corruption.

Aware that this approach is not cutting it, the Government today announced the creation of an “operational team” which will “mercilessly fight crime and corruption and ensure that justice is served”.

Zaev’s close associate, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, was named as head of this new team which will coordinate activities against corruption, the Government said in its press release. It will also include officials such as another Zaev loyalist, Saso Tasevski from the uniformed police division, Viktor Dimovski from the National Security Agency and Financial Police chief Arafat Muharemi – a person photographed in the company of the initial defendant in the corruption case Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13.

Deputy Prime Minister Radmila Sekerinska, who was named in the recently leaked recordings of conversations between Boki 13 and his main target, businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, said that she welcomes that appointment of this team and that it is proof the Government is not trying to cover up the scandal.

Zaev is charged with dragging his feet in investigating the case give ntha tthe initial leads go all the way to the top of his Government. Both Zaev and Sekerinska were discussed in the tapes, Zaev as somebody who was informed about the racketeering and Sekerinska as a person close to both Boki 13 and Kamcev. In recent days the Government was called out by both US and EU officials, who said that a serious investigation is needed.