Ali Ahmeti, the leader of DUI, spoke with Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski about a legal solution that would include all categories that suffered in the armed conflict in 2001.

This was revealed by the former deputy speaker of the Parliament from the ranks of DUI, Rafiz Aliti, in an interview with Alsat TV.

According to Aliti, the agreement between the two leaders of political parties included amnesty for other categories, such as persons involved in the case of Kumanovo, the case of Poroj and others, in addition to the fighters of the UCK.

He adds that a few months ago, the president of DUI opened this issue with Prime Minister Kovacevski and former General Angelov and expressed his willingness to pass a law because it would be useful for all citizens, regardless of who was on whose side or whom he supported in 2001.

Kovacevski previously denied such claims. Since the end of the war, DUI and its head Ali Ahmeti have repeatedly promised a legal solution to the status of the UCL, but this issue remains unresolved even 22 years after the conflict.