According to data sourced from the Central Registry, it has come to light that Kushtrim Smiley, the son-in-law of the daughter of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, ventured into a collaborative business endeavor with entrepreneur Erdzhan Sulkoski at the outset of the year 2022. Remarkably, within the inaugural year of their partnership, they achieved a commendable turnover of 12 million euros, accompanied by a noteworthy profit margin of approximately 2.5 million euros. This information, as reported by “360 degrees,” is further accentuated by the recent transaction wherein Sulkoski relinquished his 50% ownership stake to Smiley for a nominal sum of 2,500 euros.

During the same calendar year of 2022, Sulkoski embarked upon yet another business venture. He acquired a substantial 65% stake in the company RKM for a sum of 24,000 euros. It is noteworthy that at the time of acquisition, RKM boasted a guaranteed business deal valued at 112 million euros, catering to the procurement of fuel oil for the essential requirements of the state-owned enterprise, ESM. Predictably, by year’s end, the enterprise reported a profit amounting to an impressive 6.2 million euros.

On Monday, the president of the Democratic Union for Integration, Ali Ahmeti, was a guest at “360 Degrees”, where he answered the question, “Should we conclude that the Ahmeti family is in the business of importing fuel oil?”
“I assure you that the Ahmeti family has nothing to do with … what was his name, Erdzhan Sulkoski.”
According to information disclosed by “360 degrees,” on January 11, 2022, an agreement was established between two individuals to establish the company “K.S.A. International.” One of the partners, Kushtrim Smiley, was identified as a German citizen residing temporarily in Zayas at that time. Importantly, the official documents from the Central Registry do not explicitly state that this particular Kushtrim Smiley is the son-in-law of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, nor do they make reference to his marital relationship with Uskana, the daughter of Ali Ahmeti.