VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski is in Luxembourg today for meetings with EU representatives, to push for the opening of accession talks with Macedonia. The European Council is beginning its meetings there today, in what is likely to end with another Bulgarian veto against Macedonia.

I decided to come to Luxembourg today, when the decision is being made over whether Macedonia will open its accession talks for EU membership. i decided to come as Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE but also as President of the National Council for Euro-Integrations to support the opening of the accession talks. Unfortunately, we see that Bulgaria is determined to block us again, but we also see that the policies which the Zaev Government is conducting in the non-existent fight against corruption, in the non-existent rule of law and with the economic sinking, all this also influences the opening of accession talks, which sadly is not happening, Nikoloski said.

During his stay in Luxembourg, Nikoloski met with EU foreign ministers and other EU officials, during which he “emphasized that we are Macedonians who speak the Macedonian language, we are proud of our culture, tradition and history and the whole of Europe needs to know that”. Bulgaria is blocking Macedonia as it asserts claims on the Macedonian history and demands that the Macedonian national identity is redefined. The Zaev regime is engaged in secretive talks on these issues.

I wish that the Government was also here, but unfortunately, I did not see the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister for EU affairs. They could say they were not invited – neither was I but I’m here anyway. We need to fight for Macedonia where the decisions are being made, Nikoloski said.