Hidden in a few square meters shelter, members of the Macedonian Andonov family are expecting another difficult night in Kiev.

The Andonov family, which consists of 4 members, including two minors, as of around 6 pm, hears from their hiding place explosions of bombs and bullets from the fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Despite the belief that they will get assistance from the Macedonian Embassy, they cannot leave Kiev.

The Macedonian ambassador in Kiev and other diplomats at the Embassy have been evacuated from Kiev this afternoon.

The Andonov family and at least one other Macedonian family who were promised evacuation were not part of the transport plan, after which another difficult night awaits them in the capital of Ukraine.

According to the promises of the Macedonian Embassy, they were supposed to be evacuated on February 24, but today the Macedonian diplomats left without their citizens.