Prime Minister, it is unacceptable for your advisers, your people from the PR team, before every press conference in the Government building to ask us, journalists, what we will ask you, what questions we will ask you, journalist Mefail Ismaili told Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski during yesterday’s press conference.

We do not come to a press conference only to hold microphones, but also to ask, not to be questioned, Ismaili told him, suggesting to the prime minister to send his people from his services for training on proper and good behavior, because their behavior cannot be justified because they are paid from the budget, among other things, with money from journalists in private media.

He then took a packaged sliced bread to the Prime Minister, which he bought 10 minutes before the press conference, asking why its price was not reduced by at least 10 percent, as announced by the Government as a result of the anti-crisis measures.