We generally have daily reports from many hospitals across the country where nurses are leaving public to private health care in these pandemic conditions, and we all know this, especially in our field, that a large number of nurses have also left during the pandemic for better working conditions in the private healthcare, from dissatisfaction and many different reasons, Gordana Bislioska from the association of medical professionals “For us” said Tuesday on the “Sto ne e jasno” show on TV Alfa.

Bislioska pointed out that there is information that a large number of nurses are preparing to leave the country and fill the vacancies of health facilities in the region and in Europe, adding that the shortage of nurses is a global problem.

Regarding the outflow of nurses, I think that we will enter a period that we have been talking about all the time lately in the association, that our information speaks about the fact that a large number of our nurses are preparing to fill the vacancies in the region and across Europe in healthcare institutions given that the shortage of nurses is a global problem and it is not a problem only in our country, that is what we expect and no one can guess how many nurses will leave the country, she added.