Members of the Bulgarian historic commission say that no progress was made during the latest meeting in Sofia.

Bulgarian professor Svetlozar Eldarov even expressed doubt that the two teams will meet again, especially in time for the October European Council when Bulgaria, like other EU member states, needs to approve the opening of accession talks with Macedonia. Bulgarian politicians have said they will not do that unless Macedonian historians accept that more jointly celebrated heroes, like Goce Delcev, were Bulgarian.

On October 11th they will have their national holiday, the day of national uprising, which is actually the uprising against Bulgaria, the Bulgarian military administrative rule in Macedonia in the Second World War. On October 23rd they have another national holiday – the day of VMRO which is the creation of the Bulgarian Macedonian – Edrene revolutionary committee.., professor Eldarov said, listing the obstacles to holding a new meeting.

Macedonian historians earlier acknowledged that little progress was made during this meeting. According to the treaty signed by the prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Boyko Borisov, the two countries will align their history books, a process in which Bulgaria has the upper hand as failure to reach agreement can lead to the withdrawal of Bulgarian support for the Macedonian EU accession talks.