Confident in election victory, VMRO-DPNE President Hristijan Mickoski said Wednesday in Prilep that the main challenges come after the formation of the new government.

There is a renewal that we must fight for. And the renewal is the dream of Macedonia as we have always wanted and deserved. A proud, upright, European-integrated, technological tiger in the Balkans, with working zones, with factories opening, with functioning healthcare, he said.

According to him, the task of the new government will be to restore people’s hope and mutual happiness.

Let’s reduce divisions and hatred. To achieve unity on national issues. To bring justice. There must be accountability. We will inspect the origins of the assets of politicians, and those who disproportionately enrich themselves on the backs of the people. Not only to be fines, but to return the stolen from the people to the Budget of Macedonia. What was taken must be returned. No one in this country can protect crime, and criminals to feel protected.

Mickoski addressed VMRO-DPMNE candidates in the next election saying that should never disappoint the people as they are the pillar of the country and that he will not have mercy on anyone who will reach for injustice and corruption.