Countries in the region are expected to reach a decision on reopening of the borders next week, said Health Minister Venko Filipce.

Although the position of the health authorities remained the same last week, a change in the regime of free movement of citizens in the region will be decided on at the next online meeting between the countries of the Western Balkans, Bulgaria and Greece.

As Health Minister Venko Filipce told Alsat-M TV, seeing that the epidemiological situation is similar across the entire region, authorities of the countries in the region have announced a coordinating council for joint action in the decision-making to fight against the pandemic. However, the PCR test requirement needs to be lifted to cross the borders.

Next week, a coordinator of Macedonia’s Ministry of Health is expected to present the COVID-19 situation in the country to representatives of the other countries, after which a joint border policy would need to be agreed upon at a new meeting.