Come on deserter Kovacevski, take courage and tell us, are you permanently incapacitated, or did you lie in front of the army to avoid serving in the army, MP Dragan Kovacki called out Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.

What is so difficult? There is no third option. Either you are permanently incapacitated or you lied. Both are equally bad because such a person must not lead the country. When the deserter Kovacevski decides to answer, let him also explain whether his close relative Aleksandar Kovacevski, who at that time held a high position in the Ministry of Defense and was responsible for Kumanovo, helped to register his condition as permanently incapacitated?, asks the MP.

Kovacki asks if the deserter Kovacevski abused the power of his close relative and avoided military service and recruitment in 2001?