While other countries have either started or are making final preparations for the coronavirus vaccine because they know the exact date when vaccination will start, and of course the amount of vaccine doses, Filipce makes new statements and tells lies every day, Marija Andonovska from the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE told a news conference on Thursday. 

She adds that since this is a key segment in preventing the coronavrus, Filipce is obliged to provide the vaccine.

Filipce should have known since yesterday and inform the public from where and how many doses of vaccines there will be procured, of course and when they will arrive. Different statements like the one: vaccines through the COVAX program will be made available at the beginning of 2021, then a statement that we will see there will be direct negotiations, and then again he says through COVAX, but we were a small market, we will probably get a vaccine in the second half of next year, and who knows what else we will not hear on this topic. All these different statements made in a short period of time, show that Filipce is lying, Andonovska said.

She said that Filipce should stop lying and give answers, short, precise and clear.