Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov says that talks should continue to find a solution to the dispute with Bulgaria and start negotiations with the EU, otherwise, he stressed, both countries and the EU will be losers.

Either we will all be losers or we will all be winners. Of course we have a lot to lose if negotiations don’t start again and there’s no success. However, I think that Bulgaria also has a lot to lose, because we are missing the opportunity and we need to return it, to have a real close partnership and cooperation. It does not go and is not compatible with blocking the process with the veto policy. The EU will also lose a lot. It will be very difficult for the words of the EU to be treated with confidence and seriousness, not only in our country, but in the whole region, said Dimitrov on Thursday.

He says there are no guarantees that the country will start negotiations in June.

There are no guarantees, let’s be realistic. I do not even want to raise hopes too much. I can only raise the stakes and to be as honest as possible both at home and abroad, said Dimitrov.