Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov warned EU member states that, if they don’t approve the opening of accession talks with Macedonia this year, he will lose face.

I will not have the face to tell my people about the European perspectives of our country if we don’t begin accession talks this year. That will tell me that there is no European perspective for us, after all we did in the past two years, a dejected sounding Dimitrov told the audience at a panel in Stockholm.

Macedonia was declined its request to open accession talks this summer, with a new date to discuss on the issue set in October. Dimitrov insists that Macedonia delivered, citing the imposed name change as success of “future vs history”.

There is a contest about which nation is oldest, who is the greatest victim, who has the most enemies and glorious victories in the past and that is used to conceal the corruption. The big issue for Europe is what to do with this region and whether it will deliver for the countries who have delivered, Dimitrov pleaded with the audience.