Microbiologist Nikola Panovski called on the Zaev Government to drop its plan to begin the school year with full in-person teaching. Despite the fast rising number of deaths and infections, the Government currently insists that the school year will begin in-person for nearly all children and in all schools, on September 1st.

We allowed the disease to flare up again at a time when we had a completely calm situation, with very few infections. But we opened the borders, allowed weddings and concerts to take place, even indoors, despite the fact that we know we have elections, a census and the start of the school year in fall. And now the Government can’t find courage to admit that, because of all the weddings it allowed to take place in August, we have to postpone the school year, Panovski said.

According to Panovski, the best approach would be to divide classes into two groups, and have them alternate in school every two weeks.