Defendant Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 erupted at witness Jordan Orce Kamcev today, during the Racket trial. Kamcev detailed how Boki 13 and his friend, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, were extorting money from him.

As the cross examination began, Boki 13, who initially complained that he is not feeling well, tore into Kamcev. He dismissed Kamcev’s claim that he took a bag full of money, insisting that he gave the bag back. Boki 13 also denied there is anything improper with his attempts to get Kamcev to pay for an ad campaign on his 1TV television.

As a manager of a TV station I can ask you to give money for ads and I can set the price as high as I want just as you can ask for money for a botched surgery, Boki 13 shouted at Kamcev. Boki had a failed gastric bypass in Kamcev’s clinic in Skopje and that is the source of his current health issues.

Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska replied to Boki that he declared himself as an unemployed student at the start of the trial and not as a TV manager.

Stop shouting at me!, Boki snapped at Ruskoska, after which the judge warned him he may be expelled from the hearing.

Boki 13 then pressed Kamcev on the video and audio tapes that were leaked in the Italian La Verita newspaper, which reveal how Boki is leaving Kamcev’s home with the now infamous Louis Vuitton bag, and how they are discussing money transfers and Janeva’s charges against Kamcev.

Do you realize you committed espionage?, Boki told Kamcev about the recordings. Boki 13 demanded that he businessman gives the names of all the people who helped him record the conversations. “It was my friend Ivailo from Bulgaria”, Kamcev replied.