Among the most bizarre that are being revealed in the testimony of Jordan Orce Kamcev is the one where he claimed how Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 was tormenting his employees.

Kamcev is testifying in the racketeering scandal in which he alleges that the showman Boki 13 and his close friend Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva extorted 1.5 million EUR From him. Kamcev insisted that Boki 13 was tormenting him psychologically, with his extortion requests, but was doing this to other people as well.

Kamcev retold how Boki 13 and his friend and fashion stylist Sergej Varoslija would call journalist Aco Kabranov, who Boki 13 appointed as editor in chief in his 1TV station. Boki 13 and Varoslija would disguise their voices and threaten Kabranov, but the next day Boki 13 would come to Kabranov’s defense. The TV station was set up shortly after the SDSM party seized power and it gathered a number of SDSM supporting journalists like Kabranov, Borjan Jovanovski and Saso Ordanoski, who were reportedly being paid top dollar for their services. 1TV folded quickly after Boki 13 was arrested in July.