Four experienced nurses fired from work just because they are Macedonians, warns Brane Petrusevski from VMRO-DPMNE, calling this scandal DUization of Kumanovo.

In the Health Center in Kumanovo, an ad was published for the employment of 10 nurses for an indefinite period. The local SDS and DUI have agreed that 6 new hires will be from DUI, and 4 from SDS, who have already been working there for 4 years under contract. The director, appointed by the DUI, employs all 10 from DUI, according to my sources, with 10 already solved tests handed out, because he thought that all 10 employees should be Albanians. After this event, the president of the SDS branch Tusevski virtuously resigned, and MP Kostovski is hiding and is nowhere to be found. Now new and inexperienced nurses will vaccinate children and carry out home visits, while experienced ones sit at home without a job, just because they are not from DUI, he reveals.

Petrusevski called on the competent institutions to investigate this case, cancel the advertisement and employ professional, quality and experienced nurses in the Kumanovo Health Center.