The heating season is rapidly approaching in Skopje, with less than three weeks to go, and the residents face the looming threat of a significant price hike. If the crucial heat pipe is not promptly installed on the Belasica bridge, heating costs are poised to soar by a staggering 60%. Presently, engineers from ESM are gearing up to commence the physical construction work in the coming days. However, it’s essential to clarify that this endeavor pertains solely to the installation of a new foundation and supports for the pipes, and not a comprehensive rehabilitation of the bridge.

The ESM engineers are prepared and eagerly awaiting approval from city authorities to proceed with the project. Regrettably, there has been no response from the City of Skopje regarding the timeline for granting the necessary authorization for the installation.

In a more optimistic tone, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski anticipates that the long-awaited heating pipes beneath Belasica will be successfully installed within the next three weeks, despite the six-month wait.