Green activists protested in front of the Greek owned Usje cement factory in Skopje’s Aerodrom district today, after reports that it is using waste as fuel during its production cycle.

The company confirmed that it is using petroleum coke and former employees have recently claimed that it was also burning old car tires brought in from Greece. The area around Usje has some of the worst levels of air pollution in Skopje and protesters have announced they may block its entrance.

Our politicians are in league with oligarchs who are poisoning us. We came to day to tell them that we know what they are doing, said activist Dragi Zmijanac.

Factory representatives met with the protesters and issued a press release in which they claim that the large cement plant is not the cause of Skopje’s horrible air pollution problem. “We implement all domestic and European environmental standards and we remain open for all citizens and environmental activists”.