Epidemiologist Toni Konjanovski accused the Government of endangering the entire country with its reckless weekend curfew policy. The Government ordered the capital Skopje and several other densely populated cities to go under a total lockdown for more than three days, which just prompted tens of thousands of citizens to flee to other cities and tourism centers, potentially spreading the virus through the entire country. Doctor Konjanovski blamed Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce and the head of the Committee on infectious diseases Zarko Karadzovski about the decision.

After three months of sacrifices on the part of our healthcare workers, after all those restrictive measures and quarantines, and the collapse of the economy, somebody had the bight idea to lock the city down but allow the citizens to disperse through the country. This was a political decision. You don’t have to be too smart to figure out that, after the iftar coronavirus peak, we are now in for a tourist driven peak, Konjanovski said.

Ohrid, Macedonia’s main tourist center, is currently overflowing with visitors congregating on the main street and the lake quay, as well as crowding the local shops and supermarkets.