SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev dismissed the statement from his coalition partner Ali Ahmeti, that his DUI party will focus on appointing an ethnic Albanian Prime Minister after the next elections.

It is true that the citizens in our society are constantly overcoming ethnic barriers but it is more important that in our choice we are driven by the qualities of the candidate and especially of his approach toward the voters and his personal example. If SDSM wins in the elections I will be the candidate for head of Government and I will fight for a better life for all citizens of “North” Macedonia, as I’ve proven with my policies over the past years. Accordingly, if DUI conditions the creation of the next Government with this issue, then DUI won’t be part of the next Government, Zaev said.

The two parties are fighting over the ethnic Albanian vote, as SDSM continues to lose support among ethnic Macedonians. This has put the coalition partners on a collision path.