Today’s observance of Goce Delcev’s 150th birth anniversary showed in action the fear of the Macedonian top leadership and the subjugation in relation to Bulgaria.

After Prime Minister Kovacevski “accidentally” happened to be in Brussels exactly on the birth anniversary of the Macedonian revolutionary, he does not mention anywhere in the Facebook message whether Goce Delcev is Macedonian.

Kovacevski mentions that Delcev is “the giant of the Macedonian national revolutionary work,” but not that he is a Macedonian revolutionary.

The official government statement on today’s commemoration of the Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delcev also does not mention that he is Macedonian. According to the Government he is only a historical giant.

A similar rhetoric is used by President Stevo Pendarovski. After he compared the Bulgarian Prime Minister with Nelson Mandela, the head of state in his message says that Delcev is a visionary and leader of the Macedonian national liberation work, a pillar of Macedonian independence. We did not hear whether Goce is a Macedonian from Pendarovski.

In his message, as well as in the official statement sent to the media, the term Macedonian revolutionary is not used.

Unlike them, the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is not afraid to say clearly that according to him Goce Delcev is a Bulgarian.

According to him, Delchev is Bulgarian and one of the brightest minds in our (Bulgarian) history. He does not even mention the Macedonians, but calls them the people of North Macedonia.

The state agency MIA even tried to hide Petkov’s statement and published only the part that “Goce Delcev is an inseparable part of the history of the two countries”, but not the part where he says that Delcev is a Bulgarian.