Journalist Branko Geroski, who had prior knowledge of the investigation into the Boki 13 – Katica Janeva corruption scandal, announced that he will name a very high level SDSM party official involved in the extortion and racketeering. Geroski insists that people involved in the scandal are using the fact that neither the SDSM party nor the state prosecutors are acting to uncover the entire affairs and are destroying evidence.

I hope the prosecutors won’t let them escape. The female person who is likely the most important of Boki 13’s associates was clearing up documents from his office these days. If the prosecutor continue to drag their feet, on Tuesday I will publish (likely using fake names which will be easy to discern) the contacts between the key money launderers working with Boki 13 and a person in the very top of the SDSM party. To the suck-ups, don’t worry, it’s not Zaev. This is driven by my honest desire that the prosecutors do their job, but that SDSM also purges itself from the inside, Geroski said.

He also called out high level party official Frosina Remenski to explain what she knows about the scandal.