Balisti, the Albanian nationalist football fans from Tetovo named after a Nazi collaborationist movement from WW2, were recently in the news after the Culture Ministry paid for a promotion video for them. Now, in a feature by the Italian site Contrasti, the group is back spewing hatred and calling for the creation of Greater Albania.

We hate everything Macedonian. We wish all the worst to the Macedonians, Balisti members are quoted by the Italian site in the feature titled “Don’t call us Macedonian”.

Balisti members speak about their hatred for the Komiti, Vardar’s fans, but most of the article is devoted to the Albanian nationalist idea and how it should encompass Macedonia.

Culture Minister Asaf Ademi defended the idea of funding this hate group with money from his budget, insisting that the video he paid for did not contain specific hateful comments. The move came shortly after Balisti attacked a cafe in Tetovo which is frequented by ethnic Macedonians.