Deputy Prime Minister Sadula Duraku announced that about 1.000 mostly ethnic Albanian public sector employees who are currently not distributed in any institution and are paid without doing any work, will begin to be sent to work.

These employees are mockingly called “ramkovni”, because of the 2001 Ohrid peace treaty (the framework – ramkoven treaty) which demanded that the number of ethnic Albanians in the public sector is increased to about 25 percent of the total. This led to hiring sprees of ethnic Albanians, sometimes without qualifications or without any actual necessity.

We began the procedure for 519 of the 938 such employees. We are now making the initial selection, Duraku said.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who is best known as the terrorist commander who besieged Kumanovo in 2001, leaving the large city without water at the height of the summer, did not give a deadline when the procedure will be completed.