Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies Slavica Grkovska met Friday with OSCE Secretary General, Helga Schmid, on the sidelines of the 2023 Prespa Forum Dialogue in Struga.

According to an official press release, Grkovska thanked Schmid on OSCE’s continuous cooperation in advancing mechanisms for the rule of law and managing corruption and organized crime, as well as strengthening the safety and stability, and respect for human rights in  Macedonia.

The Deputy PM also expressed gratitude for Schmid’s personal support for the activities undertaken by the Cabinet of good governance policies and anticorruption.

“Emphasizing that corruption is also a safety issue, which is especially important considering the current geopolitical events, Schmid expressed willingness and openness to support further activities related to these topics, which the Government implements at Grkovska’s initiative,” the release says.

“Schmid noted that special attention needed to be given to the gender aspect in the fight against corruption, considering that women are less involved in corruption, but feel the consequences from corrupt activities in society to a greater extent.