Incidents have broken out during the large scale Albanian protest in downtown Skopje. Some of the protesters are throwing rocks and firecrackers at the police which is securing the event and guards public institutions.

Protesters are also chanting Albanian nationalist slogans – in support of the NLA/UCK terrorist organization that started the 2001 civil war in Macedonia, and are calling for “Shqiperia Etnike” – Greater Albania. Traffic in the center of the city has been blocked for hours.

The main demand of the protest is the release of the suspected Albanian islamists and accomplices who carried out the 2012 Good Friday massacre – the killing of four Macedonian Christian boys and one man.

A retrial was ordered in 2017, after Zoran Zaev claimed that he has evidence that will shed a new light on the case. In early 2020 Zaev confessed that he was lying. Protesters now demand the removal of Zaev’s loyalist prosecutor Fatime Fetai, who, as an ethnic Albanian, was the particular target of the protest, and demand a third retrial, this time with American and EU appointed judges and prosecutors.