The parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE submitted 2100 amendments in order to prevent the government from increasing the salaries of judges, public prosecutors, members of the Judicial Council and the Council of Public Prosecutors. In conditions where citizens’ trust in the judiciary is only 3%, the government increases salaries, instead of getting involved in reforms and removing the hands from the judiciary.

The government should not increase the salaries of judges and prosecutors, but should first relieve them of pressure and enable the rule of law, not the rule of nepotism, crime and clientelism. Kovacevski, instead of proceeding with quasi-measures, should first stop filling the judiciary with relatives of the top of the government. 6 years that the SDS has been in power, the situation in the judiciary is getting worse year by year. Reform steps are needed for strong institutions, for which there is no ability in the SDS. That’s why, as long as there is SDS, the judiciary will sink, said the opposition party.