The outgoing Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, has not yet sent a notification to President Stevo Pendarovski that the Parliament has been constituted, writes “Kanal 5”.

Xhaferi’s Office has not yet answered why this has not been done and whether this means that the deadline for entrusting the mandate has not started yet.

Xhaferi’s party, DUI, they say that without notifying that the Parliament is constituted, we cannot count days until the mandate is entrusted. A senior DUI official told Kanal 5 that Xhaferi would notify that the constitution of Parliament after the prime minister is elected.

However, Pendarovski’s Office does not agree with this interpretation. They confirm that Villa Vodno has not received anything from the Parliament so far. But, despite this, Pendarovski since Wednesday is counting the deadline of 10 days to give the mandate for government formation.