We must allow the common and shared history to unite us, the citizens of both countries – both Bulgarians and Macedonians – to feel it. Because if Goce Delcev did not exist, we would have to invent him so that he would unite us. Because history is common in a past region, territory of regional Macedonia, where Macedonians who spoke Macedonian lived. There were Bulgarians who spoke Bulgarian. There lived people who felt like Bulgarians and Macedonians. And this is absolutely true, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with the Bulgarian BGNES news agency, stressing that the two countries must be smart enough to use this common story to build bridges of friendship.

That is why we say that Goce Delcev is a revolutionary for both the Bulgarians and the Macedonians, who fought for the freedom of Macedonia, for the region of Edirne and for everything. And this is an absolute reality.

Ragading the conclusion of BGNES that there is no problem to say how Goce Delcev felt, the Prime Minister said:

That’s right. We have the books and they need to be popularized, historians need to confirm that and we need to do all this in the best possible way to become even better friends, to cooperate even more. To create a positive atmosphere for young people to use this past as a stepping stone for a better future in the period ahead.