Saso Ordanoski, one of the very few journalists from the left who is still taking Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s side in light of her major racketeering scandal, sought to defend her latest scandal – the illegal payment of bonuses to herself, her staff and political supporters.

Charged with extortion of millions of euros while abusing her power for political purposes, Janeva is now also suspected of awarding herself more than 150.000 EUR in illegally paid bonuses, and giving tens of thousands of euros to her staff and supporters. Ordanoski himself collected some 3.660 EUR, while working at the 1TV television – set up by Janeva’s accomplice Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13. His approach to the scandal was to put the funding he received in perspective, as opposition officials call on Janeva’s team to pay back the money they received illegally.

I volunteer to get in this reimbursement line and settle my debt of 225.000 denars which I received from the SPO. It’s not a big sum. For two days everybody is mockign me how cheap I am, but it was a great pleasure to help fight the Macedonian criminals, Ordanoski writes.

On top of the fee paid by Janeva and the undisclosed salary he collected from 1TV – a television which was reportedly funded by extortion money collected by Janeva and Boki 13, Ordanoski was also called out over the large “innovation grant” received from the SDSM led Government by his brother Vanco Ordanoski, allegedly for a bogus innovation.

Ordanoski and his one-time close associate Branko Geroski, both of whom were outspoken in the support of Janeva, the SDSM party and the Colored Revolution, are currently engaged in public recriminations over how everything they worked for turned out so wrong. Geroski keeps revealing additional allegations about corruption on the part of Janeva, and alleges a direct link between her criminal activities and the Zaev regime. Ordanoski, on the other hand, is accusing Geroski of being in the pay of the businessmen who Janeva was extorting money from.