VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Jansuev demanded that the courts respond how was a low level showman such as Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 able to know which judge will be making decisions in cases of interest for his extortion campaign.

This was one of the most interesting features of the tapes leaked by the Italian newspaper La Verita, which revealed how Boki 13 is racketeering his victim – businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev. Boki 13 is exceptionally knowledgeable of the coming new steps in the case against Kamcev, and can pinpoint the time of his release from house arrest within a single day. All the while, Boki 13 assures Kamcev that he spoke with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev about the allegations and that Zaev is fine with what is going on.

Zoran Zaev’s friend Boki 13 knows which judge is on duty on which day, who will be absent from the court, who will come in his place and, most importantly, he knows what the final decision of the court will be. Boki 13 could not have known that much about the decisions of the corut without coordinating with the top of the Government, where these decisions we ultimately made. We are talking about a direct link between the head of the executive, the courts and the prosecutors. Macedonia has no use for Zaev’s pleas that the will bring justice. In reality, Zaev and Katica Janeva are trying to cover up their trails, Janusev said at a press conference.

Janusev insisted that the chief piece of evidence that we are facing a cover-up attempt is the fact that prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska tasked with investigating the racketeering case has waited a full month before questioning Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, giving her ample time to destroy evidence and take a vacation outside of the country.

We can’t keep playing games with the rule of law. Zoran Zaev must assume responsibility. He must resign and early elections must be held, Janusev added.