Zoran Zaev’s carelessly given statement that he was in touch with the state prosecutors over the second major racketeering scandal to hit his Government reveals collusion between the judiciary and the executive, said VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev. Zaev held a joint press conference with his beleaguered top healthcare officials Venko Filipce and Den Doncev, accused of ordering a criminal investigation to put pressure on the dialysis provider Diamed, as part of yet another Government ran extortion racket.

Zaev basically acknowledged that he was pressuring the Swedish company planning to invest in Diamed, to invest in the Republic of Macedonia, not to do so. This means that Zaev has an open line with the prosecutors and is using the state prosecutors as another department in his Government, Janusev said.

Zaev insisted that it’s part of his job to be kept informed of criminal investigations and to inform target companies. Diamed concluded a 11.5 million EUR sale with Diaverum but its owner Vera Ivanova says she was put under pressure to cancel the deal, and once this failed, to hand over half of the sale receipts to accused Government linked extortionist Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kicheec.

Janusev adds that if an opposition official said something similar to what Zaev admitted at a press conference, he would be detained on the spot. “The untouchables in the Government will remain privileged for a few months longer. But the end is coming”, Janusev warned.