Macedonia is a captured state. Captured by the zaevism, a ruling system that abolished the rule of law and in Macedonia. The mafia rule of Zoran Zaev and his clan is based on the political persecution of all who think differently. Those who first raised their voices against this alienated and criminal government became the first victims of this rule, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

Macedonia is the only country in a democratic Europe in which there are still political prisoners in prisons in the 21st century, people who are there only because of different political attitudes than Zoran Zaev. The Kacarska judiciary and the Ruskovska prosecution are symbols of the zaevism, a symbol of the unfulfilled promises of justice in Macedonia, symbols of political revanchism that do not choose means and ways to torture those who think differently from the government. Proof of the political persecution in Macedonia are the ordered, unfounded draconian verdicts in the April 27th case. Proof of the political persecution is the precedent with the arrest of former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov who was detained in a mafia way with a fictitious official note, despite the given monetary guarantee, just days before the verdict in the politically motivated 27th April case was handed, stressed VMRO-DPMNE.

The party adds that the law and justice in Macedonia must be returned. The zaevism that is the reminiscence of the criminal transition must end. The victory of Gordana Siljanovska Davkova in the presidential election will announce the return of law and justice in Macedonia, it will announce the defeat of zaevism and the return of justice to our country. The rule of law will return the moment when Zoran Zaev will become a past on the Macedonian political scene.

SDSM also commented on the 27 April case.

Hristijan Mickoski’s candidate Gordana Siljanovska is not honest with the citizens – she is silent for attempted murder on April 27th. On the one hand, Siljanovska gives cheap political statements, but she has not said a word against the violence, said nothing about the lynch attempts, the organizers of these bloody events, about the attack on democracy, reacted SDSM.

“The silence has unmasked Siljanovska. Gordana Siljanovska is not ashamed of being supported by a political structure that has blood on their hands. It is not honest, or just to defend violence, not once to condemn the organized violent storming into the Parliament,” SDSM said.

Earlier Siljanovska reacted: