Besides the political support Estonia is offering Macedonia, the country can assist the process of EU integration by sharing experiences in implementation of reforms, not only in regard to digitalization and e-governance, but also transparency and fight against corruption, Estonian Ambassador Kristi Karelsohn said on Friday.

Both countries have in fact gone through a transition from a communist regime to a free democracy, and Estonia has gained a great deal of experience in that, and I can confirm that we have indeed gone through painful reforms. But, how to convince your people that sometimes these painful steps need to be taken, that everything will not go smoothly and I think that all this is a very precious experience that we can share with Macedonia. Our experts will definitely be in touch and will share the experience they have. And of course for the colleagues from Macedonia, when it comes to digitalization and the fight against corruption, as I have already mentioned one of the main goals to start building such a digital society was to create better transparency on how the government acts, runs the country and to establish interaction between the citizens and the Government and to make it more transparent and direct which in itself definitely helps a lot in the fight against corruption, said Karelsohn after signing the Memorandum on the trilateral project for promotion of digitalization in Macedonia.