The recently deposed SDSM party Secretary General Aleksandar Kiracovski again threatened to sue Republika. In a Facebook post Kiracovski praised a journalist association for condemning media outlets who carry claims from Dusko Ilievski, a former SDSM party activist from Bitola, who now frequently accuses Kiracovski of corruption in their shared home town.

In the latest report, which was carried by Republika with attribution, Ilievski claims that Kiracovski took a bribe from the owners of an allegedly unlawfully built office building. Kiracovski labels Ilievski, who was long a hero to SDSM for his Facebook comments, as a criminal who shouldn’t be trusted.

Step by step we are getting there. The Appeal Committee in the Media Ethics Council of Macedonia accepted my appeal against the Republika news site which published a claim carried from the Facebook profile of a person who fled Macedonia for Germany because of an assault against a police officer, and who keeps spreading lies. The intent to damage my reputation with slanders is clear but decisions such as that of the Committee are slowly pushing back against it. Still, the entire procedure will go before the Court which will fully reveal all the fake news and manipulations, Kiracovski wrote on his Facebook account.

Republika was also asked to publish a retraction by Kiracovski’s lawyer Trajche Arsov today.