Skopje is blocked because of the dubious tenders of Arsovska, the fruit of the coalition with Kovacevski. Such a tender is the procurement of fuel for the needs of JSP of 27 million euros, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Unlike all its predecessors, Arsovska does not receive a discount of MKD 6 per liter. This discount was also available during the terms of Kostovski, Trajanovski and Silegov, but not during Arsovska’s. If there was a discount, JSP would have paid 1.4 million euros less. That is more than enough funds to cover the debt owed to private bus transporters.

Only Arsovska knows why there is no discount.

The mayor should not run away, but answer:

Is the tender for the procurement of fuel for JSP part of the agreement for the secret coalition with Kovacevski?

Was a commission agreed upon at the meeting between Arsovska and Kovacevski, instead of a discount?, asks the party and adds:

Why is there not a single percent discount in the oil contract with Pucko Petrol, but there is in all the previous ones? From Kostovski, through Trajanovski to Silegov.

And is it true that Bulgarian buses should perform public transportation as a replacement for the current one?

If there was a discount on the contract for the purchase of fuel for JSP, there would also be money for private bus transporters. Does the crisis suit Arsovska? And whether Skopje is a victim of business interests, asks VMRO DPMNE.