In an interview with Alsat M TV’s “360 degrees” show late Friday, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski commented on the stability of the parliamentary majority, noting that it currently includes 64 MPs.

If you look at all the MPs, regardless of the discussions that take place within some of the political parties, no one has questioned the ruling majority, stressed Prime Minister Kovacevski, clarifying the current situation with the parliamentary majority.

Asked about expanding the parliamentary majority, Prime Minister Kovacevski said there is always the possibility and need for the consolidation of a certain block that has a vision and goal to enter new political entities.

This will mean an increase in the efficiency of the Parliament’s work, considering that we have numerous reform laws that are part of the EU accession.

Regarding the parliamentary group of DUI, Prime Minister Kovacevski emphasized that the parliamentary group does not have a member of parliament who has remarks on the work of the Government, on the realization of European integration, and on the way of dealing with the energy and economic crisis.

Referring to the possible entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government and the possible exit of Alternative at the expense of that, Prime Minister Kovacevski commented that Alternative is part of the Government and is integrated into it both programmatically and personnel-wise. Regarding the eventual entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government, the Prime Minister commented that all political parties that act in the direction of Macedonia joining the EU are welcome in the Government.