President Stevo Pendarovski believes that at the moment, there is no chance at all of getting close to the two-thirds majority in the Parliament needed to change the Constitution.

The objective assessment is that we cannot reach two-thirds to change the Constitution. We will see if something will change in the coming period. This will take place primarily in convincing those who are now against it, that tomorrow when they come to power they will have the same problem if they want to join the EU, and if they are not in favor of joining the EU, it is up to the people to tell them honestly, Pendarovski said on the “Top Tema” show last night.

Pendarovski mentioned that the addition of nations to the Constitution will not disrupt the state, if, for example, Montenegrins, Croats, not only Bulgarians, or possibly parts of the Jewish community are added.

Croatia has over 20 nations included in the Constitution and there is no problem there. If you ask me, and if I am a member of parliament today, I will not vote tomorrow but today for such constitutional changes. But from what I see at this point, there is no chance at all of getting close to the two-thirds needed to change the Constitution. The atmosphere is like that, from the political statements of many of the stakeholders on the opposition side, but also from the individuals from the ruling coalition who clearly state under what conditions they would vote, and some say under no conditions, adds the president.

However, according to Pendarovski, the most important thing is that there are no megalomaniacal demands in the European negotiation framework, which was agreed upon by 27 member states, including the Republic of Bulgaria. He believes that there will be no other framework for the negotiations, regardless of how long they will last.