There is no end to the scandals and crimes of the hybrid regime. Every day we have a new scandal from the most criminal government. This new scandal related to the Ministry of Interior and Customs gives the full picture why the Republic of Macedonia is on the 111th place on the scale of the corruption index of Transparency International, the member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovacki said on Monday.

Exactly one month ago, the media reported that smuggling of psychotropic substances was prevented in a police action, which entered Macedonia through the Skopje airport. It is about smuggling of one ton of drugs that was brought to Macedonia through a Macedonian company, which deals with phone accessories. We will therefore legitimately ask a few questions related to this scandal: 

First, did a shipment arrive on November 5, 2021 at the Skopje airport in the area of customs clearance, whose consignment note and declaration said there were telephone accessories, while there were other goods in the shipment?

Second, was this suspicious shipment inspected by the competent customs officers at the Airport in the area of customs clearance of goods, and if it was not, why?

Third, did the superiors perhaps give the customs officers an oral or written order not to act?

Fourth, did the customs officers responsible for controlling the suspicious shipment, at the request of the police officers, make statements on 5 November confirming that the customs control of the shipment from Dubai was not carried out on the orders of a superior customs officer, and three days later, under strong pressure, did they completely change the same statement?, Kovacki asked.

One month of complete silence by the Ministry of Interior and the Customs Administration for this smuggling. A whole ton of drugs, not noticed by anyone from the Skopje airport, headed to its destination, he added.

The most concerned about this case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, is also silent. The public expects answers to these questions. Crime and corruption must end. There must be accountability for this case, said Kovacki.