Pursuant to Articles 34, 35, 36, 37, and 38 of the Law on non-litigation procedure, we ask the court to start a procedure to revoke the business capacity of the deserter Dimitar Kovacevski, Dragan Kovacki from VMRO-DPMNE emphasized this in a statement to the media today.

There are well-founded doubts that the deserter Kovacevski has impaired business ability, and given that he is the prime minister of a country, we call on the court to react immediately, based on Article 40 of the Law on non-litigation procedure, which establishes that the confiscation procedure of business ability is urgent. The diagnosis that the deserter Kovacevski submitted to the ARM that he is permanently incapacitated, in order to avoid military service, leaves no doubt that if he did not lie about his condition, then it can only progress, Kovacki says.

He adds that since the deserter Kovacevski is now prime minister, it must be determined whether his business ability is impaired or not. If he is, he should resign immediately, if not, it should be determined whether he has a permanent incapacity or if he lied to the army about not serving in the army, and in that case, he should resign. Because if he lied, he forged a medical document to avoid serving the state.

There must be accountability. The court should react immediately and open a procedure to revoke the business ability of the deserter Kovacevski, Kovacki pointed out.