Almost a year after the election of Danela Arsovska as Mayor of Skopje, she still hasn’t removed the heads of soem of the key high schools in the capital left over from her predecessor Petre Silegov. This indicates that Arsovska is truly trying working to align herself with the SDSM party, after she dramatically broke with VMRO-DPMNE, the party that got her elected.

Silvana Krzovska remains as head of the “Josip Broz Tito” high school – a position she got due to her membership in the DOM party that is currently allied with SDSM. The high school includes another top DOM party official in its management, Hrista Najdenov, who is also on the board of the State Lottery. VMRO-DPMNE official Stefan Andonovski recently pointed out to serious mismanagement and abuse in the school, which paid 46,000 EUR for furniture in the past few years and nearly half a million EUR for maintenance – money that would be enough to build a new school.