VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that he is prepared to support a Croatian solution for the Constitution – one where the Preamble will declare Macedonia to be the state of one nation – the Macedonians – and a number of additional minorities.
Mickoski was responding tongue in cheek to questions from journalists in Stip who cited the large number of ethnic groups named in the Croatian Constitution as an argument why Macedonia should include the Bulgarians. But the Croatian Constitution declares the country as a national state of the Croatian people, before listing the minorities.

I don’t know if everybody would like to make the changes in accordance with the Croatian Constitution. I’m ready for that option, if that helps the country, that we have Macedonia declared as the state of one nation and its minorities. But let’s not have regrets later. We in VMRO will accepts this immediately, Mickoski said.

Under the Ohrid peace treaty in 2001 and under the subsequent changes done by the Zaev regime, the Preamble now declares Macedonia as a state of the “citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Macedonian nation, parts of the Albanian, Turkish, Vlach, Serbian, Roma, Bosniak nations and the others”.