VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said in an interview that the revelations about the racketeering scandals have revealed that Macedonia is far from how a country should operate, and that there is now clear evidence of collusion between the SDSM party led Government and organized criminal.

This is a classical case how a state should not be run. We see politicians, media owners, journalists, colluding in crimes with the judiciary, the prosecutors, the Special Prosecutor’s Office which was set up precisely to fight this type of mafia organizations. Instead, they were blackmailing politicians and extorting money from businessmen, Mickoski said.

According to Mickoski, it is now clear that the only purpose of the SPO office was to destroy VMRO-DPMNE as a political party, and after it accomplished the removal of VMRO from power, the prosecutors turned to financial extortion.

If they worked honestly, as the Government says, the SDSM majority in Parliament will allow the creation of a committee that would conduct an inquiry, as we demanded. The SPO was involved in a long list of abuses, it extorted and mismanaged public funds, but also money from the taxpayers of the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands… Instead of fighters for justice, they turned into a symbol of crime and corruption, Mickoski added.

Discussing the racketeering scandal with the Detector journalists, Mickoski said that we are witnessing the greatest criminal scandal in Macedonia since its independence.