Zoran Zaev compromised the NGO sector, said Vladimir Milcin, former long time director of the Foundation Open Society Macedonia, which is an umbrella organization for dozens of so-called NGO groups that operate in various walks of life.

Gruevski was not able to compromise the civic sector. Zaev did, Milcin wrote on his Facebook account.

Milcin, who was a key supporter and organizer of Zaev’s 2015 Colored Revolution but has since turned on Zaev over his endless concessions on issues of national identity, made the comment after the Government published the “secret list” of its part time employees. These include some activists from the NGO organizations, whose very name – non-Governmental organizations – indicates that they should not be working for the Government.

The statement also comes as some of the Colored Revolution activists held low key events to celebrate the fifth anniversary of one of their most massive and violent protests in Skopje. It comes at a time when the Zaev regime produces daily corruption and drug trafficking scandals, and Macedonia remains stuck in its EU membership prospects – which was supposed to be the main benefit of Zaev’s national identity concessions.