VMRO – DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki, informed Tuesday at a press conference that MPs from his party submitted a draft decision to the Parliament to set up an Inquiry Committee on the work of the SPO.

It is precisely the Parliament on the proposal of the Council of Public Prosecutors concluded that Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva worked unprofessional, unlawfully and recklessly and we want on behalf of the citizens as taxpayers who have allocated around 15 million euros for the work of the former SPO to determine the facts on how the funds were spent and how certain other procedures within the SPO itself were handled, said Milososki.

The Inquiry Committee, he explained, would consist of a president and 10 members, and that as initiators in accordance with parliamentary practice, VMRO – DPMNE would nominate a chairman of this Inquiry Committee, and all other political parties according to their presence in the Parliament to delegate members.

He also noted that representatives of the Swedish, US and Dutch embassies would also be invited as associate members or observers because these three countries had significant financial performance and investment in the SPO budget of their countries’ taxpayers. We believe, Milososki added, that they would have the right to have an insight into how their taxpayers’ money was spent within the scope of the SPO’s work.